We invite you to share our interest and love in East Asia, its culture, architecture and gardens through the feelers of this Institute. Founded in 1969 by Günter Nitschke it functions as an outpost for research for Western students and professionals interested in the architecture and cities in the East Asian context. Since there exists no Department of Architecture or Urban Design at any Western University with a permanent professorial position or course of studies on the culture of building of East Asian people, we filled this gap by having created an international network of like-minded professionals. The Institute does not rely on sources of public funding or academic affiliation. It finances itself through its own research, design and publications.

The Institute also functions as a consulting office for worldwide architectural, urban and landscape design. Our research on sustainable building solutions is reflected in our design proposals. We promote a holistic approach towards preservation and design in traditional cultures and architecture of East Asia, which are disappearing rapidly due to the fast economic development by Western standards only.

We present our proposals at Japanese and international forums stimulating deeper understanding and communication between Eastern and Western culture. We offer our services and resources enumerated on the following webpages, and we welcome you to join and collaborate with us.